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Mikail is always in search of new routes in all four corners of the country. He walks them, he researches them. He promises us an alternative nature, from the most unique plateaus of the Eastern Black Sea to the Lycian Way – a favorite of the south; from the majestic canyons of Kastamonu to the Floodplain Forests of Thrace!


    Mikail and Filiz’s roads crossed during the many years that Mikail guided in the mountains and in the nature, and he is now with us to give life to all the green routes of BAŞKA ROTA!

    • He is originally from the Black Sea, from the town of Şavşat in Artvin.

    • He is a sportsman with a license from the Mountaineering Federation

    • He has joined activities in various mountains of Turkey, mostly in the Kaçkar Mountains (Rize/Artvin)

    • He created many ecotourism / trekking routes which are still popular today, and he is still continuing to create new ones.

    • Don’t be surprised if you see him on IZ TV.

    • After marrying his beloved wife Selcen – a local Smyrnian, he settled in Izmir and founded BAŞKA ROTA TOURIZM with Filiz.

    He is now enthusiastically discovering the Aegean and is ready to show it to you from his point of view.